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5 Tips to Get Cheaper Price of Mackerel Fillets

September 01, 2017

Price of mackerel fillets are considerably cheap if you know where to buy and how to make a great deal. Fillets are type of fish products and usually they are taken from whole round fish then the flesh being cut whole away from the backbone. The flesh is cut lengthwise carefully along one side and thus this product is boneless, however smaller bones might cannot be removed easily. Filleting mackerel can be done manually by professional or you can simply buy already filleted fish product at grocery stores. Fillets are traditionally used by restaurants due to the good looking and elegant appearance than whole round fish or even steaks. This is why the prices often higher than fresh or frozen whole round mackerel.

Getting deep into price of mackerel fillets understanding
If the price of mackerel fillets especially the frozen one is too expensive for your budget then you can always have another alternative like canned product. There are many brands offering good and tasty canned mackerel fillets and they even available already cooked with additional seasonings to strengthen their flavor and thus you do not need to cook or seasoning them again. This is a type of product that you likely to have when you want to eat the fish straight out of the can and when you just want quick and simple breakfast in the morning without too much preparation.
Okay, but how you still want to get that tastier mackerel fillets at grocery stores? Maybe you can learn from these guides to get cheap price of mackerel fillets:
1.      Buy discounted mackerel fillets and certain time
Most of supermarkets or grocery stores will mark down their past prime and this is the right time if you want to purchase cheaper fillets. You can ask the market’s staff when they will mark the seafood down. Usually it is in the morning around 7 a.m to 9 a.m, but of course different stores have different times so you better do not hesitate to ask first and get ready.
2.      Get mackerel coupons and print at home
There are lots of online sites which offer fish coupons so you can get discount price of mackerel fillets. What you need to do is to find the sites and then print them to buy mackerel fillets at grocery stores according to the terms and conditions required to use the coupons.
3.      Ask your close friends or families to get discounts
It might be sound ridiculous but, if you have family members or close friends that work in grocery stores or supermarkets then you can always ask them to help you to get cheaper price of mackerel fillets. Those who work at grocery stores or seafood markets usually receive a discount and thus you can ask them to purchase mackerel fish for you at their work’s place.
4.      Buy mackerel fish whole round and then slice it yourself at home
Just like we already mentioned before, whole round fish is usually sold at cheaper price than already fillet fish product. Therefore, to get cheaper price for mackerel fillets, you can simply buy a whole round fresh mackerel and then fillet it yourself at home. Of course if you know how to fillet the fish you will be able to get this step done or you can ask someone more expert to help you filleting the fish. Or for extreme solution is to try filleting yourself by watching YouTube video and learn from it. There are lots of videos which you can watch to learn fish manually by hands.
5.      Know the qualities of mackerel fillets
If you know the qualities of your mackerel fillets then you can ask for lower prices. You can get mackerel fish fillets with lower quality parts than others but not so much until you cannot eat it and then ask the seller to give you lower prices.
The last method to get to inexpensive price of mackerel fillets is to purchase whole round fish and then ask the fishmonger to remove the heads, tails, and internal organs. Better if you can ask them to fillet the mackerel fish for you and they do not ask for extra fee for it. This is why build some relationship with local fishmongers will offer you lot of benefits.

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