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Mackerel Pike for Sale as Sushi/ Sashimi and Fillets

September 01, 2017

Mackerel pike for sale in bulk order or small quantities, all is available. Mackerel pike known as Pacific saury is a very popular fish for Asian dish. Mackerel pike belongs to the family of Scomberesocidae. It is known as Sanma in Japanese and really popular for sushi dish ingredient. The fish can be found during fall season, but they can also be searched till mid-winter in Shizuoka Prefecture. When served as sushi, the meats are so sweet and fatty; the red meat is rich in protein and omega 3 fatty acids oil which makes mackerel pike one of most favorite sushi ingredients in Japan.
Mackerel pike or sanma at first is not that popular to be served as sushi until recently; instead they like to be cooked and served grilled as a whole fish. As sushi, some sushi chefs like to serve it as pressed sushi or sear the fish while other prefers to ferment it. When you like to experience eating mackerel pike for sale in some of sushi restaurant, you can also enjoy the head and bones served deep fried. If you want to try another mackerel dish variant then you maybe will enjoy the sanma served as raw sashimi with Japanese soy sauce or wasabi as the condiments. You can also experience it being served with sliced myoga, grated ginger, and chopped thin leeks.
How to fillet mackerel pike for sale?
Compared to most of mackerel types, Sanma has milder flavor and even some people said that it is actually not a mackerel judging by the texture and the taste. The flesh is really tender when raw but when you cook it, the texture becomes firm. Aside served the mackerel pike as either sushi or sashimi, the fish can be prepared and cooked with many ways such as baked, stew, soup, fried, and steamed.
Like other mackerels fish, it has thin skin which is hard to be removed and you may want to let the skin on since it keeps the tender meats anyway. And when you cook it with pan fried, the skin tends to bubble up rather than shrink. When you want to cut the whole round fish into fillets, you should treat it very gently because the flesh is so tender. You should avoid bending the fish and use really sharp knife to cut or slice the fish into fillets.
Of course there are frozen fillets mackerel pike for sale so you do not need to cut them on your own. However, if you want to get cheaper fillets then buying fresh whole round fish is a nice choice since usually they are sold with more affordable price. How to fillet mackerel pike at home? You can learn how to fillet with these several steps such as:
-          Buy high quality of fresh or frozen mackerel pike for sale at grocery stores or fishmonger.
-          If you purchase frozen mackerel then you need to thaw it before cut into slices. If you want to quick hawing the fish then rinse the frozen mackerel pike under cool water to remove the ice crystal.
-          After that, remove the head carefully. Make some cut across the tail using sharp knife.
-          Next, make cuts on both sides of anal fin at the bottom as well. Remove both the ribs and the backbone.
-          Do not forget to cut out the fins as well especially the anal and dorsal fins, you need to remove them perfectly.
-          Check again to see whether there are leftover bones, if you see any smaller bones such as pinbones then do not bother to remove them since they will be soft once you cook the fish fillets.
-          Do not attempt to remove the skin because you will break the flesh since the fish meats are really tender.
Buying good quality of mackerel pike for sale is one way to get the best mackerel pike dish outcome. Choose fresh mackerel pike if you can by check on the appearance, smell, and touch the fish. You need to buy a fish with clear and bright eyes without stinky odor. The fish should smell like fresh ocean water and when you touch the texture, it should be firm and when you press the flesh, it should spring back. Find great mackerel pike for sale from those simple rules.

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