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Norway Mackerel Supplier Important Notes

September 01, 2017

When you are looking for Norway mackerel supplier there are several things that you need to know. Maybe you want to purchase either small or large quantities of mackerel fish for your business or to supply your pantries. Since there are many suppliers available worldwide that offers Norway mackerel, maybe finding a really trusted supplier is challenging. That’s why before you order from random supplier, you should read below information since there essential for your consideration when finding mackerel fish supplier.
Some notes when looking for Norway mackerel supplier
-          Norwegian mackerel main characteristic is the vivid tiger stripes. They are favored for its delicious taste, firm texture, flavorful meat, and omega 3 fatty acids content.
-          Usually they are being caught using purse-seine fishing method and they are available both fresh and frozen every year.
-          Season to catch mackerel fish is from April to November, but if you want to get fresh premium mackerel fish from Norway mackerel supplier then you can order mackerel fish which caught during September to November with the highest quality.
-          There are two types of mackerel fish available: Autumn and spring mackerel. After the mackerel spawn they will have higher fat content about 30 percents and they are also known as autumn mackerel. This is where the fish provides more succulent meat, flavor, and omega 3 fatty acids content. While spring mackerel has less fats about 3 percents.
-          The size of Norway mackerel is about 15 to 25 inches long with the weight approximately 6.5 pounds.
-          Make sure that you order from best Norway mackerel supplier that wildly caught the fish and not sourced their product from farm fishing. The harvesting will take place during summer season and fall months and the mackerel should be mature which is older than 3 years.
-          When the fish is wildly caught straight out of the sea water, they will be stored to tanks on board and immediately being frozen to prevent outdoor air contamination and spoilage.
-          To maintain the freshness, the mackerel fish will be stored into vessel full of sea water with temperature 32 degrees Fahrenheit and 34 degrees Fahrenheit to keep freshness. They will be delivered quickly into factory plants without being touched using automated system.
-          The fisheries can catch Norway mackerel between 140,000 to 160,000 tons per year.
The taste and the texture of Norway mackerel fish are really delicious with rich flavor and moist plus firm texture. When you eat the meats, they will melt in your mount thanks to its succulent texture. For handling and storage, you should wrap the mackerel fish tightly or store them into airtight plastic bag and then place it in the coldest part of refrigerator. If you order large quantities of mackerel fish from reputable Norway mackerel supplier then you can freeze them in very low temperature to maintain the freshness.
If the frozen mackerel fish want to be used, then you need to thaw the mackerel first. You can defrost them in a cold water bath or refrigerator overnight. Defrosted mackerel should be used as soon as possible to get the freshest fish.
It is better to check the qualities of the mackerel fish before you order them from the best Norway mackerel supplier. For fresh or frozen mackerel, the product should show fresh appearance with bright and clear eyes, ocean smell, and no discoloration. For frozen mackerel fish, there is no sight of freezer burn as well.
Please ask these several questions to the Norway suppliers, before you make a deal or agreement with them to ensure that you really choose dependable suppliers:
·         How much they can accept your order especially if you want to buy large amount of fish
·         The inventory/ stocks they have
·         Shipping cost especially overnight shipping cost which usually more expensive
·         Distribution or delivery method
·         Payment method, terms, and condition
·         Minimum order quantity
·         Return condition
·         Offline and online order
·         Warranties if there is any damage to the mackerel product
·         Dicount and prices of Mackerel for certain amount of order
·         Delivery schedule and packing management, etc.
Do not hesitate to ask the suppliers any questions that you want to know so there will be no misunderstanding with the Norway mackerel supplier.

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