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Tuna Canned Fish Precautions before Consuming

August 31, 2017

Tuna canned fish precautions before consuming is substantial for some consideration because although tuna meats offer various health nutrients such as protein, omega 3 fatty acid, vitamins, calcium, and minerals, it also harbor too much sodium, bacteria, mercury, and histamines. Limitation when eat tuna canned food is very recommended and if you have particular health condition, then you might want to consult or ask your nutritionist or doctor before eating canned tuna especially for pregnant women.
Some precautions for canned tuna fish
·         Sodium
Indeed that sodium is one of the most important minerals for human body, but if it consumed in high amounts then it will affect adversely by increase the risk of stroke and blood pressure. Tuna fish contains sodium and many tuna canned fish products have sodium addition. What is the best solution for it? If you want to eat canned tuna then choose the one that offer low sodium level or without added salt.
·         Bacteria
There is some risk that tuna can food brings when you eating the product which is bacterial contamination. Pathological bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Shigella, Clostridium botulinum, Campylobacter jejuni, and Salmonella can cause food poisoning or even death. When someone gets food poisoning, the symptoms are range from vomiting to diarrhea and stomach cramps for 4 to 46 hours after consumption. So, never eat canned tuna which loses its seals and seams in the cans because it has high risk to be contaminated by those bacterial.
·         Mercury
Tuna canned fish contains a heavy metal called mercury which give an ugly effect for body health plus can be toxic even in small amount. Tuna fish swims in waters that contain high amount of methylmercury and it is a material that can affect nervous system specifically in young children, infants, and even an infant. That’s why pregnant women need to think twice before consuming canned tuna due to the health risk brought by the mercury. Some type of tuna has more mercury than the other tunas. For example according to the Environmental Protection Agency and Food and Drug Administration, light tuna is safer than Albacore tuna due to the lower level of mercury. Choose wisely the type of tuna meat that you want to eat, although most of canned tuna factory may package and choosing the high and best quality tuna that contain low level of mercury.
·         Histamine
Scrombroid poisoning or also known as histamine poisoning can happen when you did not handle the tuna can properly after opening it. This histamine can formed when bacteria available in tuna meat which is inherent interact with free amino acid histidine. The proper way to consume canned tuna fish is when you already opened the can; you need to eat them all within two hours or if you cannot finish eating the fish, you should refrigerate the canned tuna.
Those are some precautions when eating tuna canned fish, however it does not mean you cannot consume canned tuna fish at all because those risks are only available with several conditions which is rarely occur from the best and high quality canned tuna fish that handled properly with quality control and other circumstances when you do not store the canned tuna fish properly.
Still, there is a lot of health benefits comes from tuna meat which is good for your daily amount of nutrition intake. Even some people and experts recommend those who are in diet for weight lost to properly eating tuna or sardines due to the high amount of protein. In conclusion it is good to eat tuna in can packaging as long as you know how to limit the consumption.
Tuna itself is classified as a fatty fish which available with several different species and one of the most popular tuna types is Albacore tuna. Whether you want to eat raw tuna, tuna steak, or tuna as canned food, its consumption can contribute for your body health. Despite those precautions that we already mentioned above, modern day tuna canned fish factory product provides a safe and more proteins, omega 3 fatty acid, mineral, vitamins, and enough sodium for the body. Meanwhile it is best to limit eating tuna up to 12 ounces of tuna canned fish per week while consume Albacore tuna has more limitation about 6 ounces per week.

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