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How to Get Cheaper Frozen Shrimp Price?

August 24, 2017

How much is the frozen shrimp price is depending on the species and the quantity that you buy. For example, black tiger shrimp with jumbo size can cost more than other shrimp species especially those which have smaller size. When buying shrimp, it is good to consider about the price however the quality of the shrimp also needs to be checked before you buying one. Moreover, it is preferable to purchase frozen shrimp instead of fresh shrimp that displayed on the seafood shelves. The frozen shrimp which mostly sold in 5 pound blocks can be as good as the fresh shrimp at grocery stores and even they can be better.

How to get cheap frozen shrimp price
If you want to get cheap frozen shrimp price in a bulk then you need to find a market that offer wholesale seafood. There are many major and large grocery stores such as Costco Wallmart, they market mostly imported the shrimp from Asian countries which sold to them in cheaper prices. So you can go to those large stores and then try to find good frozen shrimp in bags offered for only few bucks. But, if you run a business and then you need bulk order the shrimp in really large quantities, it is better to import from the country origin to get cheaper price. If you purchase from local distributors or manufacturers, they tend to higher the price already so you may as well get the shrimp from the first hand.
There are many Asian countries act as large shrimp producers and exporters including Indonesia, Thailand, and Philippines. You can try to contact one of those producers and then ask for the price and also discount if you intent to buy the shrimp in large quantities because they may give you lower price. You can order the shrimp online too, however you need to make sure that you get from trusted suppliers and not only interested with the cheap frozen shrimp price online they likely to offer. You should ask about their quality control and management, how they will store and ship the shrimp, as well as how they can manage to bring you high quality of shrimp. Because when you purchasing seafood online, it is important to be sure that the shrimp you want to buy has been handled and stored properly.
Why go frozen instead of fresh?
There is nothing wrong buying frozen seafood like in this case the frozen shrimp. If you live near coastal area, maybe you can get fresh and raw even alive shrimp and so you can be sure about their quality and freshness. However, if you just simply want to purchase fresh shrimp in local supermarket or grocery stores then there is nothing that can ensure you the shrimp still as freshest as when they are first caught. They can be previously thawed or frozen before and then labeled as the fresh shrimp on the seafood counter. Shrimp suppliers usually will freeze their shrimp before being delivered to various places and if the supermarkets import their shrimp products then they can be 3 to 4 days previously being frozen, you even cannot tell that. This is why it is better to pick frozen shrimp because those fresh shrimp you seen on the market, they actually frozen earlier.
Anyway, you also need to be smart when judge and buy the shrimp and not only look for lower frozen shrimp price. There are frozen shrimp that sold in airtight packages or stored in ice block. For recommendation, it is better to purchase frozen shrimp stored in plastic packages rather than those which stored in ice block because they are not as good as plastic packaged shrimp especially when used to cook some recipes. Furthermore, before you order the shrimp from online shrimp suppliers, ask for the overnight shipping cost because overnight ship tends to have higher price. You also need to make sure that the shrimp still in good condition when arrive at your place.
Frozen shrimp price is tend to be lower than fresh shrimp and therefore, it also a good reason of why you need to go with frozen seafood instead of the fresh one. Besides, when you purchase frozen, you can store them for later use unlike fresh shrimp which need to be cooked as soon as possible.

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