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Canned Mackerel in Tomato Sauce 155g Products

September 01, 2017

Mackerel in tomato sauce 155g is a good option for tasty diet meal providing enough nutrition for your body. Canned mackerel can be sold with additional sauces such as mustard and tomato sauce to strengthen the flavor. 100 grams of canned mackerel offer more than 2.000 milligrams of omega 3 fatty acids more or less for your weekly need so eating 155 grams of mackerel will provide more nutrition. Mackerel fish is a natural source to get omega 3, protein, vitamins, calcium, and minerals. Mackerel is especially rich in vitamin B12 which cannot be found by consume veggies or fruits. It is very recommended that you need to take fish consumption for daily menu with moderate amount to get the nutrition intake for body health.

Mackerel in Tomato Sauce 155g nutrition facts
Due to the small size of mackerel, most of canned mackerel in tomato sauce 155g served with the bones. However, the factory canning process makes the bones softer and edible to be eaten. But, if you purchase fresh mackerel, the bones are tougher and accidentally swallowing the bones might be uncomfortable for you, so you can cook them first to make the bones softer or remove the bones manually.
Mackerel fish is a healthy addition for your diet, the meats are tender and tasty which full of omega 3, while the tomato sauce provides additional nutrition and that is the lycopene which is an antioxidant that can help to control blood pressure plus support body cells against ageing.
Wild caught mackerel will be canned through canning process and get additional flavor from tomato based sauce. The amount of nutrition of canned mackerel maybe lower than the fresh mackerel, but it still a cost friendly sea food that you can get easily from grocery stores. Below is some picture about nutrition facts of canned mackerel in tomato sauce 155g product:
Nutritional value will be accounted per 100 gram instead:
-          12.6 grams protein
-          4.6 grams saturated fats
-          156 calories
-          1.320 mg of omega 3
-          128 mg of calcium
When purchasing canned mackerel, there are many brands available with different nutritional value on the labels. That’s why before you purchase it, you can check the label and compare the nutrition fact of each brand so you can get the best nutrition content when eating the mackerel. Some of brands will have additional herbs and seasoning so the products may have more calories, sodium, and carbohydrate. You need to keep this in mind when purchasing canned mackerel for weight lost diet menu plan.
How to pick the best mackerel in tomato sauce 155g?
To get the best mackerel in tomato sauce, you can follow some rules and not just grab the canned fish without thinking. Here are some suggestions when you want to buy canned mackerel in tomato sauce 155g factory product:
1.      You should consider how the fish are caught; some manufacturers will tell you by their label when and how they get the mackerel fish. Pick the one which mention that the mackerel are caught with sustainable method and environmentally friendly.
2.      Check the brands, different brand will use different fishing method and they will have different reputation. You can search their reputation on internet.
3.      Look at the price and if your main concern is money then pick the cheapest brand but still with fishing methods and packaging that are safe.
4.      Identify the types of the mackerel fish since mackerel have different types of species and you need to choose mackerel fish that are low in mercury content. King Mackerel for example, is the type of mackerel fish that higher in mercury content so you better avoid eating them. If you are pregnant or nursing women or have a plan to be pregnant then you cannot eat high level of mercury content seafood such as this King Mackerel. Other larger and predatory fish contain higher mercury as well.
Mackerel in tomato sauce 155g rich not only in nutrition but also in flavor. You can eat the mackerel alone or mix the mackerel with other ingredients to make healthy and tasty recipes. You can mix the mackerel into pasta or stew or soup. For dietary plan, you can eat mackerel without adding high calories seasoning.

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