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Price of Mackerel for Different Products

September 01, 2017

Price of mackerel is varied depend on the type of the products. Mackerel can be sold in fresh form, fillet, steak, and canned while being the cheapest one is canned tin fish. Mackerel offers stronger taste than other fish and this is why when making mackerel recipes, they are often mixed with other ingredients to balance the flavor. Price of mackerel canned is so affordable and you can even get one can of mackerel fish by spending about $2-$3 only and that’s enough for one serving time. It is recommended that you eat fish that rich in protein and omega 3 at least 2 to 3 servings each week with moderate amount.
Affordable price of mackerel canned fish
Mackerel is a beautiful oily fish that offer numerous nutrition, they also rich in flavor with fishy but nice taste. They are a good source for omega 3 fatty acids which is good for brain development and cardiovascular health. Despite its benefits, some people often overlook this small mackerel due the oily texture and strong smell, however with the right recipe and cooking it is really a nice treat for your breakfast or dinner. Not to mention the price of mackerel is very cheap so it is one of the cheapest sea foods for your protein and omega 3 sources.

What you need to look for when buying mackerel
Ideally you should eat the mackerel right after you caught the fish because they spoil quickly unless you buy frozen, pickled, or smoked mackerel product which can last longer. When you happen to buy fresh mackerel then look for the bright and clear eyes with firm plus shiny texture. If you cannot find a good fresh mackerel, you can always go for frozen mackerel whole round and if you want cheaper alternative, go with canned because the price of mackerel tin fish is affordable for budget.
This is some guides when you want to cook mackerel:
Mackerel can be cooked with many ways like barbequing, frying, grilling, and baking. Mackerel is great for burgers, pate, rillettes, and pate. Mackerel is also nice raw on ceviche or tartare, but for the last recipes you should ensure that the mackerel you buy is the freshest condition and caught on the day of eating. In addition, another option like mackerel smoked often being chosen due to the intensity of the flavor and it is really ideal for salad or pate recipe. To make sure that the mackerel fish is cooked completely, cut the thickness part and check whether the flesh is firm and moist with a bit of opaque color.
How to cook mackerel fillets
Mackerel fillet is a nice deal to have for delicious recipe and this is so easy. The simplest way to cook a mackerel is by pan frying mackerel fillets. However, before you fry the fish, you should remove the bones, guts, and the head. After you cleaned and gutted the mackerel, you can fillet the flesh carefully. Another way to cook mackerel fillet is by barbequing them. With this cooking method, the mackerel cooked in no time with super crispy texture. They are also good if you want to add extra seasoning or marinate, cure or pickle. Because of the strong flavor of mackerel, they will mostly hold against variety of ingredients.
How to cook mackerel whole round
Just like mackerel fillets, fish whole round is ideal for not only barbequing but also roasting, baking, and grilling. You can stuff the fish with herbs and delicious seasonings according to your taste. Although the cooking time take longer than cooking mackerel fillets, about twenty to thirty minutes longer but the taste is incredibly delicious and you can get the nutrition as well. You can oven the fish for quick and easy recipes.
Price of mackerel is depends on the type of the fish. If you purchase King mackerel, for example, they are more expensive than other light mackerel such as Spanish or Pacific mackerel. When buy canned mackerel, the kind of mackerels needs to be compared as well by checking the labels. You need to see and compare the nutrition value as well to ensure that you get the highest amount of nutrition when purchasing mackerel in tins or cans.

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