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How to Grill Mackerel Tin Fish Perfectly

September 01, 2017

Mackerel tin fish can be used to make some delicious dishes or you can just simply grill them then enjoying it alone or with rice. Mackerel is a kind of fatty fish with healthy nutrition and that’s why the American Heart Association suggests people to eat mackerel or other oily fishes at least two times each week. Mackerel provides benefits for nutrition body intake such as omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamins, minerals, and it also low in calories plus cholesterol. All these qualities can be enjoyed optimally especially when you grilled or baked the mackerel instead of frying it, you can even put them as part of hearth healthy diet.
In addition, mackerel is rich in flavor and when combined with other side dishes or recipes, it will support the taste even better. Anyway, you can pick raw and fresh mackerel at fish markets or you can just simply by canned mackerel at grocery stores or use frozen mackerel or purchase mackerel fillet. Just make sure that you defrosted the fish by store them in refrigerator for at least one day before your grilled them.
Step by step to grill mackerel tin fish/ mackerel fillet
The best thing about grilling mackerel is you do not need complicated recipe because it is very simple and fun to do at home. Before, you need to prepare all these:
·         Paper towel
·         Cooking oil
·         Fork
·         Spatula or tongs
·         Wire brush
·         Seasonings or marinade
1.      If you use canned mackerel tin fish then you need to open the can first and the drain them off from its oil or water. When you use mackerel fillets, rinse the fish under cold water before you grill them and use dry and clean paper towels to blot or pat and dry them gently.
2.      Next, if you already have a special fish recipe to season or marinate the fish then you can use it. But, if you do not have then for easy and simple flavoring option follows this direction:  first you need to brush the fish with cooking oil and squirt some lime or lemon juice on top of the mackerel. Get additional pepper and salt then sprinkle them over it. Check the taste whether it already according to your taste.
3.      However if you like Asian grilled mackerel marinade taste then prepare a baking container, after that combine:
-          1 tablespoon of canola or olive oil
-          1 teaspoon of fresh minced ginger
-          1 tablespoon of soy sauce
-          2 teaspoon of rice vinegar
Mix them together and place the mackerel in the dish. Cover the fish with plastic wrap then keep it in refrigerator for about 1 to 4 hours long. Do not forge to turn the fish over once halfway through.
4.      Clean the grill and better you scrape it with wire brush to prevent unpleasant flavor when grilling the mackerel tin fish Indonesia or the fillet.
5.      Grease the grill with cooking oil and pre-heat the grill to high temperature.
6.      If you used the marinade, remove the mackerel from it and let the excess drip off the fish. Completely discard the marinade before you start grill the mackerel.
7.      Place the mackerel on top of the grill and to make the appearance more attractive, you need to skin-side the fish up on the skinless side at first. Grill the fish and pay attention to it so you did not overcooking it because fish is easy to burn quickly especially if you use high heat.
8.      Use spatula or tongs to flip the mackerel after the other side seems cooked and become dark golden brown or opaque in color. You can open the lid to limit the heat.
9.      Remove the mackerel from the grill once they already cooked, the flesh must be flake apart already with only light pressure from a fork.
10.  You can still grill the mackerel for a minute or two if you think the fish isn’t cooked already or to maximize the taste.
That’s it! You can follow those steps to make your own grilled mackerel tin fish recipe. When grille the mackerel tin fish, it is better to not using excessive heat to prevent carcinogens form on the surface of the fish. In addition, if you use additional marinade then you also need to consider for the additional calories as well.

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