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About Horse Mackerel South Africa and How to Clean Them

September 01, 2017

Mackerel South Africa type that easily to be found is probably cape horse mackerel or simply just horse mackerel. This is a small fish with maximum size of length reported to be up to 60 cm while common length that most fisherman caught is about 30 cm only. As one of the pelagic species, horse mackerel is very abundant in South Africa waters and Namibian. However, much of the catch is exported to other countries and the fish stock status is uncertain, while some of the experts saying that the status is still underfished.
Horse mackerel South Africa can be found swimming around in 300 m depth in ocean and their favorite area is mostly in continental shelf and sometimes can be seen over sandy bottoms. Now, mackerel is very popular as exported and imported sea food along with salmon, tuna, and sardines. Just like any other types of mackerel, South Africa horse mackerel is also great to be consumed as fresh, frozen, fillets, steaks, smoked, or canned fish products. But, just like any other fishes, fresh mackerel is the best thing and have more nutrition than the one which have been processed by factory production line.
How to clean mackerel South Africa?
If you happen can purchase mackerel South Africa fish either fresh or frozen, you need to clean them thoroughly before cooking. Find mackerel with good condition with clear and bright eyes and smell like the ocean while the texture is firm. After that, bring them to home and start to clean them using these steps below:
-          For simple cleaning, you do not need to remove the skins or the scales since mackerel fish is small in size thus you do not need to get rid the scales before clean or fillet them.
-          Cleaning mackerel is a simple job and does not require a lot of time. Just prepare a sharp knife or you can use filleting knife with sharp, long, and thin blade.
-          Place the mackerel on cutting board or your work space. Remove the heads if you do not want to cook with them, but you can also keep the heads on and just cut the throat from gill to gill.
-          Hold the fish with your hand and rotate the mackerel till you see a small opening which marks the sphincter.
-          Insert the tip of your knife deeply enough to penetrate the fish skin. Slide the fish using the knife tip and cut the length of the belly until it reach the cut at its throat.
-          Remove the fish organs or guts with your fingers and after that just clean the fish by rinse them with cold water.
How to clean and filleting the mackerel South Africa in just one-step way?
Professional can cleaning and filleting the mackerel in the same time, of course this need some practice to be done successfully. If you never done this before, you can still practice it at home and beside practices makes perfect. Although the result maybe will make the fillets smaller in size, but it does not need too much time for both cleaning and filleting. Learn how to do it well below:
-          Using your fingertips, try to feel the belly and please take some note to where the firm muscle heads way to the softer belly cavity.
-          Grasp the head to secure the whole fish then cut downwards at the neck till the sharp knife reaches the fish spine.
-          Head the knife toward the fish tail in a sweeping plus smooth stroke.
-          Angle the blade around the mackerel’s belly thus it leaves the ribs behind plus avoid cut the fish belly cavity, if you do just simply trim it away with your knife carefully.
-          Now the rest thing that you should do is flip the mackerel and then repeat the process above. You can skin the fillets and get rid the blood line as well.
If you never work with mackerel South Africa cleaning process and you do not have too much time to clean the fish on your own, then just by some fillets or boneless mackerel which priced more but easier to be prepared. And for the warning, always use caution when working with sharp objects like the knife.

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