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Mackerel Scomber Scombrus Necessary Information to Know

September 01, 2017

Mackerel scomber scombrus has other nickname if you curious, they called as Norwegian mackerel, Boston mackerel, and Scottish Mackerel. But of course people simply call it ‘mackerel’. It is a fish that love to swim in temperate water and mostly can be found in Mediterranean Sea, Northern Atlantic Ocean, and the Black Sea. During warm season, they like to appear on the surface or close to the shore and during colder season in the autumn and winter months, they will start to migrate into deeper southern water to seek warmer temperature. They will swim in large school when migrating from one point to another.
About mackerel scomber scombrus
Atlantic mackerel has elongate body just like most of mackerel species. It has wavy black lines marked the steel blue form and it has pointed long nose. The fish has two spiny dorsal, anal fins, two pectoral fins, and small caudal. Mackerel scomber scombrus can grow up to 30 cm for mature or adult fish, but some people have been caught mackerel scomber as large as 2 feet or 60 cm. Official maximum weights is 7.5 lb or 3.4 kg.
Atlantic mackerel scomber scombrus is a highly commercial fish and typically caught after for its delicious meats. It has very oily texture and the fish provides high quality omega 3 fatty acids oil. Almost one million tons of mackerel Atlantic has been caught every year worldwide. Large quantity of mackerel Atlantic fish sold as fresh, frozen, canned, and smoked. Although they have been caught in really large quantities, but the stocks remain sustainable and abundant.
Large school of Atlantic mackerel will break down into shoals when they want to feed on larger prey. When they consume plankton, the fish mouth will be opened as wide as they can and then they will swim in packed school to form net-like miniature group of fish. They will trap the plankton so they cannot escape and then capture with the mouth opened wide apart.
Mackerel scomber scombrus products
As a part of important commercial fish in the fishing industry, mackerel Atlantic like to be captured by fisheries using purse seine method as well as gill and trammel nets, trolling lines, and trawls. World annual catch is around one million tons and in 2014, it almost reaches 1.5 million tons. Countries that like to catch and contribute large amount of Atlantic mackerel are Norway and United Kingdom.
Mackerel scomber scombrus offers strong flavor with deep red meat color that attract many consumers. They are typically sold as fresh, frozen, smoked, canned, fillets, and steaks. The fish is extremely healthy because they offer pack of nutrients such as protein, omega 3 fatty acids, B vitamins, niacin, selenium, potassium, and many more. The nutrients content nearly twice compared with salmon. As for the mercury level, North Atlantic Mackerel is safer fish to be consumed unlike Spanish and King mackerel species because they offer lower mercury accumulation. Even according to United States Environmental Protection Agency guidelines, you can consume the fish at least two times per week with moderate amount of course.
In death, Atlantic mackerel remain a beautiful fish with nice appearance and when cooked, they offer delicious texture and taste to have. If you like, you can pan seared the mackerel Atlantic mackerel fish fillets. First, you can marinate the fillets with mixture of water, salt, and pepper. You can also add some oil and lemon juice and the let the fish sit for around 15 minutes. After that, you can pan seared the fish without oil until both of the sides turn golden brown. The smell will soon fill the room, it will offer oily aroma with juicy texture and tender meats. When the fish is done the skin will taste so crispy and you can flake the flesh with some pressure of fork.
If you want to buy frozen fillets mackerel, you should thaw the first before cooking it. Buy frozen fillets at grocery store and then store it to the refrigerator overnight to let it thaw. For quick thawing process, you can soak the frozen fish (still in the package) in cold water for few hours or rinse the frozen fish under cold running water. You can also grill the mackerel scomber scombrus fish with the same marinating process.

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